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We have combined over 30 years of our craftsmanship experience with our deep passion for creating high quality furniture that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our Royal Comfort beds are the prime example of our utmost care for every little detail.

Let's stop for a moment and ask ourselves about how important a good night's rest is for our health and mental well-being?

Did you know that on average an adult sleeps 1/3 of their life. However, this is not a waste of time, quite the contrary. Sleep, although treated by many as an unproductive activity, is key for the proper functioning of the entire human body.


Remember when, as children, we jumped on our grandparent's beds and couches, and no matter how much wear and tear they would endure, they would never break?

We have combined this old and established formula with innovative technology, the highest quality materials and superb craftsmanship which has allowed us to achieve a unique and unmatched level of comfort.

The frames of our sofas and beds are made exclusively from hardwood and our professional assembly techniques guarantee long-term durability.

All of our components (wood, goose down, feathers, steel, marble, glass) used in the production of our products come exclusively from Polish suppliers.